Week 3 Homework and Review of First Two Weeks

Since this class is so short we are moving really fast for some of the dogs. The first two weeks homework assignments had quite a few elements incorporated. In Week One we covered: don’t stare, 10 comes, 2 front feet on a plate, 4 feet standing in a box and marking behavior (cluck, click, yes). In Week Two we worked on: going around objects, backing without pressure, and high fives while sitting and lying down to work on duration in those positions. Continue to review the homework from the previous weeks. In class we’ve been dealing with arousal due to the other dogs and stock. If your dog is overly aroused in class then try taking them places (Petsmart, Murdochs, Home Depot) where they will see other dogs and work through it.

This week I am only going to add two new elements to the homework:

  1. Backing with pressure. Use your body to put pressure on your dog to take one step backwards. Mark and toss your reward pass them. Continue to ask for more and more steps back. Always reward with the treat thrown past the dog so that they get even further out of your pressure.
  2. Stays with distractions. Ask your dog to sit or down. Build up how long they stay with treats on the ground, toys waving in front of them, or other motivating things that they may have to work through. Eventually in herding training or agility training your dog many have to stay while you walk up to 100 ft away to set up a run. It starts with a tiny amount and builds from there. Push till you and then go back to where you are positive the dog will stay. Sometimes it will be time and other times it will be distance.


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