Final Week of Ranch Dog Manners

Time for some testing!

I’m so happy with the progress of all of the dogs in our Ranch Dog Manners Class. In our 4th week both classes ended with all of the dogs sitting patiently at their owners side. By contrast in our first week of class most of the lesson was done in made up sign language since no one could hear me for al of the barking that was going on. For our last class we are going to have each handler go through an 8 obstacle pattern to see how the dog responds and handles different scenarios that we can set up in the barn.

  1. This test will be done all together. Either I or someone else without a dog will approach each of the teams to say hello. The dog should stay on a loose leash while we greet each other and shake hands.
  2. With all of the dogs sitting beside their handlers in a circle I will walk Nero on a loose leash within about 10 feet of each dog. A pass is if the dog can stay calm as Nero goes by and not zoom to the end of their leash.
  3. Each dog will be asked to walk by ducks, sheep, or goats about 30′ away. The dog should stay engaged with the handler and on a loose leash.
  4. Pass through a gate. Each dog team will approach a gate, have their dog wait, pass through and have their dog wait again on a loose leash.
  5. Handler feeds the livestock. The handler will tie their dog securely 30 feet from the livestock and then leave the dog to feed a little grain to the stock.
  6. Walk through an obstacle course with various obstacles on a loose leash.
  7. Dog approaches the livestock and after they show interest recalls to the handler who then walks in the opposite direction.
  8. Each handler physically handles their dog to look for grass seeds in their coat and checks two feet for debris.

See you all next week!


Nancy Creel

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