Weave Training Class Lesson 1

With most dogs we can teach them to go up and over the dogwalk, through the tunnel, over a jump, or around a barrel in one session. With weave poles we often leave out steps in training so that they seem harder than they need to be.

We are going to be working on “channel weaves” with the goal to be able to weave 6 straight up poles with no guides in 6 weeks. This method is the easiest to replicate at home in the back yard because their are no complicated gates, or wires. However, if this system is not working for your dog then we will find something that does. There are lots of methods out there!

Here are some example videos to get you started:

The following video was made by local trainer, Nancy Tanner, about 8 years ago. I like how she says, “itty bitty steps”.

Finally if I still have you here is my Potato Weave explanation:

Here is a video of Prim in a local park proofing our backyard performance:

Have fun practice 3-5 minutes a day!


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