Nancy’s Fall Classes 2019

Wow, what a ride this year has been. We arrived back from Sweden in late March, but didn’t move back into our home till early May. I really committed to the 2019 Nursery season with Rey. In September, 2018 she qualified for the 2019 Finals in Carbondale with 2 1sts and a 2nd at the Bacon Valley Trial in Idaho. We then had a 9 month hiatus in Sweden. In that time I really missed the arena trials that our area hosts in the winter. My first trial back in the US was the Goring Ranch Trial in Tremonton, Utah on tough Range Ewes. Rey held her own and grabbed two more firsts. We were scheduled to return in May but a bee-sting wrecked her pad and we had to pass. I ran her booted at her next two trials. We placed upper third at Vashon and then took a 3rd at Miles City on tough Range Ewes again. To finish the Nursery Qualifying year Rey took top Nursery Dog at my favorite trial, Moon Creek in Washington. I also moved her up to Open at this trial so there is no going back. In August we took a nice tour of arena trials in Eastern Montana to get more exposure to Range Ewes. I spent a really fun two days at the Canadian Finals where Rey took 11th overall on tough Range Ewes again. The USBCHA Finals in Carbondale marked the end of Rey’s Nursery eligibility. After hitting three panels my sheep turned on Rey and wouldn’t budge. Because the hosts pulled the guard dogs, to protect contestants dogs, coyotes were getting into the sheep pens each night and snacking on fat lambs. In no way do I want Rey to meet up with a loose guard dog, so all’s well that ends well.  I didn’t know enough to run my first dog, Nero, in the Nurserys so this has really been a fun ride that took us to 4 major final events.

  1. 2018 USBCHA Nursery Finalist
  2. 2019 European Nursery in Holland
  3. 2019 Canadian Nursery Finalist
  4. 2019 USBCHA Nursery Finalist

My next trial with Rey is in Open at The Trailing of the Sheep in Idaho. This is a major event at one of the top farm festivals in North America.

My next Nursery dog is Finn who is eligible up to the September Finals. Finn is slower to mature than I’m used to, but I see moments of strength and brilliance that makes me pretty excited to open each page as we go along. I’m in no rush with him and willing to take the time to create a diamond.

Class Schedule for Herding

Mondays–5-7 at 8265 Fowler Lane, Wednesdays 2-4 at 8265 Fowler Lane

Rey at the USBCHA Finals 2019

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