Lesson 2–4 feet in a box–standing

Good Morning!

We’ve been isolating for a week now and it is time to introduce a specific new behavior using our 50 treats.

If your dog is really motivated by food they might be staring at the food. Do not mark and reward this behavior. Instead mark behaviors where they look away from the food. Also many of my 4H kids over the years were scared of getting nipped when giving their dogs treats. Do not release the food if your dog is being rude. You should only feel lips or tongue.

Where are my 4 feet?

Find a box that is at least as long as your dog’s back. Using Mark–>REWARD ask your dog to stand in the box. It is important at this stage to Mark–>REWARD the smallest thing. So once your dog offers to do anything with the box ( head over, one foot, two feet, etc) Mark–>REWARD, use your fifty treats and don’t be stingy.

After your session engage in a little fun play.  Experiment with different positions as well. Most dogs will love standing and looking at you, but see if you can reward in heel position as well.

The first video is Finn getting into a scary wire basket.

Finn’s first boxes/buckets

Here is my niece’s rescue cocker reviewing two assignments from her online class she took last winter. Lady is a rescue and a year ago she had to learn Mark–>REWARD which took a while and then she was very slow and careful. In her quick review one year later she is so much different.

Rey Introduction to 4 in a box and 2 in a plate.

Young Nero 4 feet in a box

I love seeing dog tricks that make it to the big screen. Here is an amazing one from Great Britian:



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