Week 4–Adding High Five and Backing Up

How is everyone doing at home. I’d sure like to hear if you have tried anything from this site. My dogs are enjoying the extra training time and I have had to up their food as my husband is more available to take them for runs. Let me know if your dog is learning 4 feet in a box and two feet on a plate.

Four feet and a box and two feet on a plate were over the last couple of weeks and now we need to get some Mark>REWARD for back feet. The video below shows a nice way to start where you can build a little alley in your house for the dog to go back and forth. A lot of times we start the dog backing up by walking into them and Marking when they shift back. This alley lets you start naming the “back” when the dog does it naturally. Also your dog will think it is really fun.

Once this is going really well then the next step is to back away from body pressure. This video shows all the steps you will need to take.

Another nice trick to add now is “high five” and “beg” with the two feet on a plate behavior. You simply start to lift the plate higher and higher and reward for hitting it with one or two feet.

Finally here is a nice story about Jay Sisler who bought 300 acres from the proceeds of his dog trick rodeo act.





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