Ranch Dog Manners Herding Intro Class

We will be meeting on Mondays June 8-15-22 and 29 at 7pm off of Fowler Lane in Bozeman.

In week one we will be talking about the importance of loose leash walking around stock and farms. Your pup should never be off leash unless explicit permission is given by the instructor.

Come with a comfortable harness if your dog is young or a regular collar if your dog has some training.

In week one we will be testing whether your dog is responsive to a pool noodle for correction. I like to use these because they make a light sound on the ground and never hurt if you accidentally bump your dog. It also teaches them to respect your space and the space in front of you and prepares them for the same when you are working sheep.

The important homework this week will be working on lie down in may different contexts so you know that your dog can do it. My greatest accomplishment with this was training my first BC to lie down when ever he saw mountain bikes. He even knew to get off the trail.


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