Herding Puppy Class Week 4

This week we will be loose with the sheep again. We will be seeking the magic balance point where the pup is holding the sheep to us. This is the foundation of all further training. Instead chasing your puppy we will be working the sheep so your pup learns to respond to the sheep’s movements instead of yours. I learned this watching a seminar by Joni Teitjen in Wyoming. She is the master of this and can do it calmly and with great accuracy.

  1. Ten comes a day for something is really important and I talked about it in a previous homework. Our in class station today will be a recall straight to you for a bit of praise and a friendly pat on the head. I will give a demo with Rey today showing how recalls are using in herding.
  2. Since the 4th of July is coming up and fireworks have already started we are going to try out Tapping massage and relaxation for dogs. Finn is a more fearful dog than I have had before, so I have had to review some techniques that have gotten me through tough spots with animals in the past.  My first herding dog Nero (2010 – 2017) developed a fear of thunder, shooting and fireworks after his cancer started. I used this technique on him and he would come come up to me to ask for help when something disturbed him. This is how I knew it worked. (Click on  Tapping points on the dog and a more details on this method will open up on an EFT webpage.) Before starting gently run your hand from your dog’s head to the base of it’s tail three times. Think to yourself “Even though you are afraid of XXX I still love and accept you”.  Tap the dog lightly as though you are handling a new born chick. Tap each spot starting under the nose about 6 times (jin-gle bells, jin-gle bells). It also helps to hum a little song that you like, mine is Chariots of Fire, while you are working on your dog. My favorite tapping spot where I have the most effect with dogs is the points of the shoulders.When you are done again run your hand gently the length of your dog. During a stressful period when you cannot directly tap or massage your dog you can trigger a calm response by humming your song.

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